Computing Mentoring and Technology Support

We are able at Pallion and Cecil Court to offer one to one computer mentoring by a small dedicated team of blind computer users. We demonstrate various software packages that enable the blind and visually impaired to use computers. You do not need to have used a computer before as mentoring is tailored to the individual needs of the person whether a novice or advanced computer user. Mentoring sessions usually last an hour a week for up to 12 weeks.

If you own a laptop and would rather learn on that we are happy for you to bring it in otherwise we use the computers at Pallion.

Software Packages on the computers include:

  • Dolphin Supernova Access Suite.
  • Dolphin Guide.
  • Jaws.
  • Fusion
  • Microsoft Office.
  • NVDA

We also offer help with iPads, Smartphones and Tablets in setting up and using them.

For further information or to book contact the Office on 0191 567 3939 or email



Keeping your Secrets Safe Online with 1Password

1Password protects you and your family online. The beauty of 1Password is its convenience and super tight security. You store everything in one place, protected by a password that only you know; your Master Password. All you need to do is remember this unique key, and 1Password will remember the rest, and like they say: habits start at home. What’s more, you can access your vault with Touch ID or Nexus Imprint. Its intuitive interface makes advanced features accessible. Security is not just a feature, but the foundation on which 1Password is built.

How would you like to enjoy the convenience of having your personal data on hand all the time?

In the modern world we are always on the go, and the chances are high that you’ll need your important personal information somewhere along the line. Whether you’re at your accountant’s office and require your bank account number, at the bank needing your social security number or at your doctor’s sensitive information right from your phone or tablet. You no longer need to take your original documents with you, and this reduces the risk of losing or damaging important paperwork. With 1Password on your phone or tablet, you can access your data where ever you are and whenever you need to.

How do you effectively share family information in an emergency?

Our families are more mobile more often, and it’s become increasingly difficult to share information quickly and privately. 1Password Families provides the perfect vehicle to solve this problem. The 1Password hosting service allows for a rich sharing environment for the whole family. Your family secrets are always available to all your family, all the time. A father can share family medical history information with his daughter who is travelling abroad and has fallen ill. She will instantly see this information on the 1Password app on her smart phone while she is at the doctor’s rooms. Having your important personal information at hand when it counts the most, could make a big difference to your family’s lives.

How does 1Password help me use safe Internet practices?

We believe that effective security habits start with creating good strong passwords. That is why we include a magical password generator in all our apps! You can decide what ingredients you would like to use while you cook up your password, ranging from length, digits, to symbols and ambiguity. Once you have created a solid password, consider your work done.

Now it is time for 1Password to do the heavy lifting! It only takes a light click or tap to log into your online accounts. Save time and let 1Password fill your unique user name and password for you using our browser extensions on your computer or mobile phone.

You can easily change or save new passwords from any phone or computer and it will instantly sync the new information to all your other devices.

1Password gives you peace of mind knowing that your private information is secure.

1Password keeps your secrets safe because of the security architecture that underpins it. Did you know that your data is encrypted not only once, not twice but three times. No one can access your personal information even if they tried! End to end encryption is impossible to reverse engineer without your secret keys. Your information is securely locked if something happens to yor phone or tablet.

With all these robust security features, wouldn’t it behove you to consider integrating 1Password into your life. With efficient and effective secure online practices, you can simplify your online security with 1Password.

Carol Bailey

Margeau Corra

AgileBits Inc.

1Password is available from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and direct from AgileBits Inc.

If you have any questions regarding 1Password or any other apps please contact Paul Smith at Foyle Street on 0191 567 3939.